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    Amanda Agueda

    Hey everyone! I know it's been a while but I wanted to follow up on everyone's comments and questions here. 

    If you have any follow-up questions myself and Cliff, the Chief of Creative and Product Experience, will be doing another Facebook Live next week on the 8th at noon and we'd be happy to answer your questions there!

    Here is the link to Omri's Facebook Live where he answered some of your questions. For the questions that were answered, I've listed all the minute marks in the video below.


    • App integrations at 1:58 
    • Training plans at 3:57- Cliff is also going to be discussing more training plan details on this Facebook Live
    • Phone-free and Apple Watch at 7:20
    • Active noise cancellation and transparency mode at 10:10
    • Splits at 8:50
    • AI intelligence and coaching at 20:00


    For that last point, here are some details on specific things that were called out here:


    • Pace updates: In next week's release, Vi will proactively give you pace updates when you hit different effort guide zones and we added a voice command for pace.
    • Race day support: This is not a current priority but something we have in our backlog to evaluate further.
    • Apple Music integration: We're currently working on it. Just as an FYI for Android users who may use Apple Music- we are not able to have a direct integration on this end because of Apple's licensing rules.
    • Hill/ terrain based feedback: Hill coaching will not be released in this upcoming release but it is in development. We needed to make sure we were able to seriously improve our hill/elevation detection algorithm before implemented this new coaching mode. So in this upcoming update, you will see improvements to this followed by a Location Engine hotfix for full improvements.



    For you guys who were experiencing issues with the right earbud sensor:


    • Fabio- Jessica on the support team has just reached out to you to help you update your Vi Earphones version.
    • Nicole- Jessica is also reaching out to you with a solution!
    • Kimball- Are you still experiencing this problem? We're checking in with the R+D team now to see if they have any updates on what is going on from the logs you submitted. 


    Thanks, again for all your questions and support as always! I hope you all get to join us for the upcoming Live. :)
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    Greg Smith

    Any hopes of Vi teaming up with Yesfit so I don't have to input info manually

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    John Tobin

    Have to be at work, so won't be able to attend. Hoping to check out the video afterwards. 

    Just want to tell you what a great job you and your team are doing and thank you for especially listening to your cutomers during the past and ongoing developpement and with support.

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    Eddie Tsai

    Any chance we can run phone free in the future with Vi and series 3 Apple Watch?

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    Ignatius Soputro

    Will there be plan to support Apple Watch Series 3? Can’t wait to be free of the phone on the run.

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    Michael Ow

    Yes, is there a possibility of Vi going phone free?  I had the unfortunate instance where Vi couldn't complete logging/coaching my first marathon distance run as my iphone battery ran out 3/4 of the way. Vi became very quiet and eventually switched herself off when she got bored.

    Are there any thoughts or plans on syncing with other fitness apps (eg Strava, Runkeeper, etc)?

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    Kimball Rexford

    The original Kickstarter goal was for $100 thousand, and you CRUSHED that goal raising almost $1.7 million!!  That is a lot of additional capital to invest in development.  

    However, as of the third(?) update Vi still has not reached the functionality proposed on Kickstarter. (
     - Vi is not conversational
     - You can ask Vi very few questions about your run
     - no "am I on pace?" (@0:29)
     - no "am I in my Zone?" (@0:22)
     - no hill or terrain based feedback (@ 0:33 "Let's hit another hill")... based on the comments I get from Vi, she is not aware of hills or technical terrain.  
     - no heart rate based feedback (@0:39 "you are pushing it a little hard"). I normally cruse at 140-150 BPM, yet when I pass 180 BPM Vi does mention it.  

    So whats happening to cause that $1.7 million invest not reach the Kickstarter proposed functionality?
    Why is Vi so buggy?
    Why does your advertising on Facebook reference articles and blog post that are not accurate about Vi's functionality?   

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    Victor Go

    I like to echo what Kimball has mentioned. Also Treadmill run is still no news after so long. Honestly, Some apps are doing a much better job then Vi now. Especially Apple Watch can measure heart rate much more accurately.

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    Victor Go

    Since Vi has a mic, can Vi build in active noise cancellation especially when we fly in a plane. Check out the Bose latest noise cancellation earphones.

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    Stefanie A

    I would love to see data for mile splits/pace per mile displayed at the end of the run, as well as integration with other running log apps such as MapMyRun, etc. Are these in development?

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    Paula-lynn Duke

    Training modes? When are they expected? I'd like to see fartleks added as a training mode along with the proposed marathon training modes? When can we expect that? What has been being done with reference to the waterproof issues? After 3 returns due to Vi breaking after very humid runs I'm wondering if there has been new hardware updates? Will there be an integration with Map My Run? Strava is good but pricey and as far as I can tell by reading comments in this forum it's still not locked down? Thank you for answering my questions :) again, above all, best customer service that I have ever experienced and I believe in this product and this company! Well done to you!

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    Fabio Savoldelli

    Vi can not understand what is said when running, asking to repeat again and again.  Zero communication functionality while on the road.  Any way of improving that?

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    Ignatius Soputro

    If you can really explain how the AI supposedly help us improve our run, that’d be great. Because so far all it ever does is just tell me that going to a hustle every now and then will improve my run, but that’s what fartlek or interval does anyway, everyone knows that. But what about the other form of training, like long run and tempo run? There doesn’t seem to be any “intelligence”, at least I don’t feel it from my run with Vi so far. If there’s really AI in it, I would expect it to actually tailor a running plan for me, like for example it will say that today I should run long or run tempo or run interval/fartlek or take it easy, all based on previous run and other metrics it collects (e.g., heart rate, sleep and other activities recorded in Apple Health or Android’s equivalent). Even better, it should also tell me when I should do my next run and what type it is. Now that would be really AI in my view.

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    Kimball Rexford

    LifeBeam Facebook page:

    LifeBeam "Ask Me Anything: FB Live with Omri" Event page:

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    Nicole Carter

    -Mile splits!

    -actually suggesting runs and a running program (distances, paces, etc)

    -Race day support!

    -integrate with apple music

    - make the R touch sensor not react to my skin once it gets sweaty. It triggers 40+ times a run!


    -updates about pace during run

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    Kimball Rexford

    RE: "- make the R touch sensor not react to my skin once it gets sweaty. It triggers 40+ times a run!" 

    I have the opposite problem. On 4 of my last 8-10 runs the Vi button (R touch sensor) did not respond at all. Tap it and nothing happens. Even tried a wet finger.  Taking the earbud out and putting it back in did not help. Power headset off and then back on corrected the issue. I reported them to support. 

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    John Tobin

    Awesome job on the AMA Omri and Amanda and the team!

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    Omri Yoffe

    Hi everyone- thanks so much for attending and asking your questions. Amanda and I will answer anything we couldn't get to on this thread as soon as we can. See you all at the next one. We think it's gonna have to be a little longer 😉

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    Ignatius nailed it. So far VI is moderately interesting but has shown no real coaching. At least put an interval mode so it quits griping at me for my inconsistent pace...

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    Shawn Willmon

    he was kind of hard to understand, was a c25k type program mentioned? or timeline for something similar

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