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    Amanda Agueda

    Hi Jess! Welcome to the Vi community! So right now Vi doesn't have a walk-run interval type training mode but it is being worked on as we speak! It's planned for the first half of 2018. (Check out this blog post to see what else is coming up on our roadmap.) Two options available for you now would be to either use the walking mode and build up with Vi to start running or you can follow our walk-to-run training plan! If you're interested in receiving this plan, email me at and I'll help you get set up. Talk soon!

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    Jess Knowles

    Hi Amanda, thanks for getting back to me. Really I was just wondering if anyone had tried using another fitness app + Vi at the same time and if this had worked.
    Happy to test out the training plan too though, will send you an email :)

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    Pascal Teerink

    Hi Jess

    I alwas run with Vi and my Garmin Fenix 3 watch.

    While doing this i pair my watch with the garmin connect app.

    the reason i do this is because Vi gives me with every beacon the average speed of the whole run so far.

    While i only want to hear the average speed of my last KM .  the Garmin app tells me (In it's own Dutch voice) what my time of the last KM is.

    you can use other apps, but Vi will always reduce the volume of that app when she wants to say anything ;-)

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