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    Melody Ferguson Williams

    How do we get this, I go the app and it says updating but I don't have any of the new items?


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    Ernesto Gutierrez

    This app is terrible. There's no way to update my earbuds' firmware. The app in the app store says that it has updated yet the app itself shows as 1.2.0. 

    I've unpaired and re-paired. Logged out and back in. Deleted the app and redownloaded. The same keeps happening. There's not even a way to delete a logged run! I guess my Vi goes back in a drawer for another few months and hopefully some of these things will be fixed when I try it again in January…

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    John Tobin

    Wait, you've updated the app and it still says 1.2.0???

    This might sound silly but did you try a soft reset on your iPhone? It seems like your app store isn't updating as it should. I don't think its an error on LifeBeam's side here.


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    David O'Neill

    I had the same issue on the iOS beta 11.2. I had to delete app and reinstall and it worked for me. I would try deleting app, soft reset and the reinstall to see if that works.

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    Dana Schweizer

    Hi Melody, Ernesto and David, if you are still having trouble updating your app or device please email our customer support team by emailing so they can further assist you. Check out our How to OTA post for more info to quick start your device update:

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    Alfred Ayache

    Uh-oh: the link to How to OTA post goes to a 403 page.


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    Dana Schweizer

    Hi Alfred,

    Please check the link again, it should take you to the How to post now! 

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    Jono Massy-Greene

    Hi Dana

    Is there a part of the site that lists the latest app and earphones versions? I think I am on the latest with iOS 1.4.1 (4) and the earphones with but always nice to check with a quickly advancing product like Vi.



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    Amanda Agueda

    Hey Jono- You're all set! I will update the part of the site that lists this for everyone and share the link. Thanks!

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