Finally I've found a great combo: Aaptiv + Vi: Great training experience



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    After nearly 10 runs with Aaptiv I have to admit that currently, I'm more satisfied for some reasons:

    1. Despite Chattiness OFF is not yet, I have to admit that the Sweet and Short it's not disturbing with this app. But still, I think it would be a great addition

    2. With the new feature of (+) (-) for Step to the beat prompts, now I don't really mind for this feature 

    3. This is fine, now I see that Free Mode it's not that disturbing I remember it used to be. Just some prompts in the beginning that can be skipped and ready to go (mainly a question regarding the type of run). 

    4. This is still the only feature that I would really appreciate to have the full pack.

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    After the first month with Aaptiv, I've found a good balance between this two apps, and now I'm confident to recommend this combination. 

    I've been testing activating/disabling new features with these conclusions:

    1. Free run: This is a must, to avoid time left or distance left prompts. Aaptiv coach will let you know this, so it's redundant.

    2. Effort guide: Activated. It works pretty well in combination with Aaptiv. I love to know that I've been 20 minutes into the zone.

    3. Step to the beat: Bad idea. It completely breaks the combination. As I mentioned, if it could be fully deactivated it will be great.

    4. Chattiness: Sweet and Short, it's fine. So it's not a good idea to be hearing some fun facts during the Aaptiv training: Lead the way not recommended for sure. I've never tested yet "A little less" so I will do in the next weeks.

    5. Beacon updates: I would use it for regular prompts, like every 0,25km. The big problem is the "overhead" of this updates (the music and the extra verbose) that obviously interrupt the Aaptiv coach. If it could be way simpler like: A simple beep, the prompt: "Pace: 6min/km", nothing else, will make them sweeter. Also, it will be great to have the current values, not just the average, as I suggested some months ago:

    6. And obviously this will be the icing on the cake:

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    Pascal Teerink

    I've tried Aaptive, but have to admit it doesn't work for me.

    First of all i don't like to be stucked with a monthly fee to hear these audiofiles.

    I can't choose my own music witch is a very big thing for me, i select my music carefully and have several playlists based on BPM

    And i miss the interactiveness that VI does have although in my opinion when set to "lead the way" Vi could talk a little more often ( But that's personall ) 

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    It has been a long while since my last update

    True Pascal, I'm totally aware that Aaptiv is not for everyone.

    If you are a complete newbie like me, Aaptiv is a killer app. 

    If you are a regular runner... it does not make sense to go without a Fenix or equivalent... so most of the Vi functionality will be duped. And if you have a Fenix, then you might be aiming for some pro headphones that are legal for racing. I have to admit that I've had some dangerous situations because these headphones are too insulating from the environment. 

    So considering these elements, I think that Vi is the perfect solution for the newbie: The C25K type of runner. 

    I would definitely recommend Vi if it was 100% useful for me. Vi is a little bit weak with some failures (especially GPS during the run). But I'm still using it for just 1 thing: Monitoring my run through Strava (I'm not even using the Strava auto sync, but I'm sending an email to gotoes after every run)

    And after 2 months I'm still using both systems (Aaptiv + Vi). 

    I've been using "A little less" and it works fine. I think it's even better than "Short and Sweet" because I've noticed that it talks way less. So I left it there for the last 2 months and I'm happy.

    What I think it would be great at this moment?

    1. Possibility to remove Step to the Beat suggestion
    2. Shorter Beacon updates as I suggested two months ago: "(beep) Pace 6min/km (end)"
    3. And obviously I still really appreciate this:

    This will be the killer functionality. With this little feature, I could (FINALLY!!) use Vi to know my Heart Rate (because I can't always tell If I'm going to strong or too weak) and also I could know my Pace, to be a little bit more conscious about different pace rates (I do it everything randomly). I have dismissed the voice prompts forever for two reasons:

    1. They interrupt the Aaptiv track playing
    2. I hate talking during a run.

    Still waiting... Let's see if Lifebeam moves forward.

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    SJ Mancebo

    Hi Vi support Team, I use both of this training apps during my everydays training (Also just have bougth the Vi sense headphones). I too would apreciate if in tje next app update you could add this other two features:

    Possibility to remove Step to the Beat suggestion
    Shorter Beacon updates as I suggested two months ago: "(beep) Pace 6min/km (end)"
    And obviously I still really appreciate this:

    That would make the Vi trainer+apptiv trainig combination unbeateable!

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