Can it be used by out-of-shape beginning runner?



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    Pascal Teerink

    Hi Greg,

    Strange that no one gave a response to this question.

    it's been a month ago since you asked this question, so i guess you figured it out by yourself.


    In the first few hours Vi figures out what your "skills" are, and uses that as a reference point.
    after those hours depending on what you ask of Vi she starts to push you.

    Vi pushes harder when your goal is set on "go faster" than on "Go farther"

    I don't know what your goal is, but then again. i guess you figured it out already


    Greetings from the Netherlands.

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    Jan Tuncer


    Yeah, it's a shame there's been no response to this, as I am starting to suspect that Vi doesn't really recognise lower abilities.  When she suggests an 'easy running pace' for me on my treadmill, she can surely see from my heart rate that it's not easy for me.

    Clearly not....

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    Ervin B.

    Hi all, we're so sorry we haven't had a chance to respond here. We've made improvements to the Vi experience since this original post. Pascal is correct - there is an initial calibration period of approximately 2 hours of outdoor run time where Vi gets to know your fitness capabilities and habits. Once you're 100 percent calibrated, Vi should be able to provide you with the appropriate speeds.

    We're taking a look into the discrepancy you're experiencing, Jan. Thanks for your patience!

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