New Workouts!



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    Simon JB

    Thanks for the update, more workout variety is always welcome.

    Based on the v2 of the app and the order of priority with which you develop new workouts, I gather than your new main target users are beginners that need coaching to start running. I think it's a smart choice that plays to the strengths of your product. However, for intermediate or more advanced runners like me, do you have more advanced workouts / features on your roadmap too? The longest run you offer as part of the training plans is a 10k, and vi NEVER suggests it. Some features that your competitors like Garmin offer, like coaching to reach a specific time / given distance (let's say I would like to run a 10k in 45 minutes, vi's training plan will never help with that) , or beat your own past performance on the same run would also be much appreciated.

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    Ervin B.

    Hey there!

    We do, in fact, have longer runs in our roadmap! As we build our library of workouts, our goal is to get in the habit of releasing new workouts on a regular basis. We hope to release longer runs in the near future!

    In the meantime, I've passed along your request for a feature to compare your past performance on the same guided runs! Thanks so much for the suggestion!


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