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    Ervin B.

    Hi Esther,

    Thank you so much for writing in and sharing your feedback. On behalf of our team, we're truly sorry for any life event that may have happened along the way in your fitness journey. That being said, we're glad to hear that you've found renewed confidence in running with Vi and that she's been more than a trainer, but more so, a companion!

    Our team is, in fact, bringing more! We're constantly striving to improve the Vi experience by not only introducing new features but by also refining existing ones! Feedback like yours is definitely helpful in shaping that experience. As such, we'll be sure to explore more ways to bring more of Vi to you!

    I've passed along your feature requests to the rest of our team! Bringing back the free run option is absolutely on our radar. Additionally, I think having more ways to interact with Vi outside of a workout is a great idea, especially when it comes to mindfulness and a "passive" option. These suggestions will also help our efforts to foster a more engaging Vi Community! As such, I think monthly challenges and having the ability to connect with others are a great source of motivation for users to really hit those goals!

    We really appreciate you sharing your thoughts here! And as you know, we always welcome and are willing to hear any additional feedback you have! Feel free to email us at support@vitrainer.com if you have more to share! Cheers!


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