Intelligent Pace? Plus other issues



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    Neil B.

    Hi Marla, appreciate you writing in! Each zone (e.g cruising, recovery pace, best mode, etc.) correlates to a specific level of biological effort and reactions happening in the body. In essence, our Vi trainer app offers five zones. The correlation between Vi’s zones and known fitness zones are as follows:


    1: recovery zone- active recovery

    2: cruising speed- aerobic

    3: hustle mode- high aerobic

    4: beast mode- anaerobic

    5: nuclear mode- lactic


    For more information on this, please feel free to read this article, which provides a great information about various trains zones:


    With regards to the music issue you have raised, there is a known error and our team is working on getting this fixed for our next release!


    If you have any more questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to email us at! Cheers!

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    Marla Porter

    So, what that article suggested was that the pace things are actually *NOT* about pace at all, but rather about where my heart rate zones are. 

    I guess what's confusing about this is that it usually seems to correspond to my pace, not to how hard i'm working.

    Maybe it's delayed a little? So like if i'm going up, i'm working harder and in a higher zone. But it takes a second for that to register, so then i'm going down again by the time it tells me I'm hustling? There generally does seem to be some delay in the pace things it's telling me (like when it tells me my speed in an interval, it seems like it's not always my new speed, not the speed I was going before I did a quick burst).... so maybe that's just what i'm hearing. it's just a little confusing.

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    Neil B.

    Hey Marla, so sorry for the confusion. That article was meant to give you additional guidance to known industry fitness zones. In terms of coaching, there are two forms of zone’s that fitness experts base their workouts on, heart-rate based and speed based. Both of these are valid and Vi acknowledges them accordingly.


    The zones that you are referencing are, in fact, speed based. Depending on whether you have the Vi Sense headphones, which have a built-in heart rate monitor, you’ll receive additional feedback based on your heart rate.


    I realize this can be confusing, but for the purposes of Vi’s paced based zones, users transition from zone to zone based on how Vi detects your speed.


    Let me know if I can provide additional clarification!

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    Marla Porter

    Thanks for clarifying. In that case, is there anywhere in the app where I can see what Vi thinks is my pace for each zone? 

    In reality, maybe just the band for each one is really small - thus far, I have mostly used Vi for long runs where i'm not varying pace much, so probably that's what's causing it.  But if I don't understand what she is telling me about pace, i can't tell if i'm actually on the targets I want to be at.

    I'd say the same a bit with heart rate and step rate. Those she just tells me the facts, but I don't know what they mean, nor do I know if I should be trying for them to be different.



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    Ervin B.

    Hi Marla, unfortunately, at this time, there's nowhere in the app where we display this information. So sorry about that! I've noted your comments here, and think its a great idea to have something like this for reference. Our team will be sure to explore how we can better communicate this, thanks for brining it to our attention! 

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    Cath Nolan

    I think it would be really helpful to have some kind of guidance about what a range of the things Vi tells us mean.  For example, she often congratulates me for being above my target cadence or comments on my target heartrate, but doesn't tell me what she thinks those targets are (or let me set them).  I also find it frustrating when she tells me to increase my pace to X, but doesn't tell me what my current pace is..... 

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    Neil B.

    Hi Cath, thank you for reaching out to us with this feedback! I'll be sure to pass this along to our software and development team. In the meantime, if you need any additional assistance please feel free to reach out to us at Cheers! 

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