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    Gabriel Tiu

    Hi Sarahlee! We don’t have any immediate plans for integrating race time predictor and VO2 Max.  But, I’ve noted your interest and passed this along to our team! Cheers!

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    Laurent Pierron

    I think you must buy FirstBeat algorithms for VO2Max and Training Effect. It's missing. Vi is great to motivate you but the lack of fitness information in Vi trainer app is discouraging for a rather pricey application, the concurrence is below $5/month.

    It's not clear why we need a so sophisticated Vi Sense, because if you have other earbuds you can use Vi trainer and Vi is very charming too. I'm using Vitrainer  with Jabra Sport Pulse earbuds and  Vi helps me to love running without problems.

    If you had the information (Vo2Max and Training Effect) of the FREE Jabra Sport app and a price below 5$/m you would have a killer product.

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